A Hot Sauce Review: Tangerine Sriracha

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One of my friends (also a client) gave me a bottle of Just Jan’s Kris’s Original Tangerine Sriracha hot sauce awhile back. Knowing my penchant for spicy foods, she asked me to try it and write a review. So here we go.

First it is important to know that I love spicy hot food. When I was about 6 years old and using the bad words I heard, a teaspoon of chili powder was attempted as a deterrent to my behavior, but in the end wasn’t really effective. I was also raised that spicy food is helpful in boosting the immune system. With no health insurance and 4 kids, my mom fixed a lot of spicy food. The hottest food I ever ate was a plate of 10 large wings at restaurant in Madison Wisconsin, requiring a release of liability before serving. I finished all 10 wings, and got my picture on the wall. My face took an hour and three pints of beer to stop being numb. And my bodily functions the next morning rank in the top five most painful experiences in my life.


A Surprising Hot Sauce

My first impression of the bottle was that it was probably a pretty tame hot sauce. It doesn’t have the fiery pepper or death imagery of many of my favorite hot sauces. Also by itself I’m not a huge fan of tangerine. So needless to say I was bit judgmental. So, I popped the lid right there in the shop and did a finger dab test. I think I was hooked right there.

I love a hot sauce that brings different flavors together to create a deep and versatile flavor profile. This tangerine sriracha excels above and beyond. Just Jan’s make their own sriracha sauce which earns even more respect from me. They mix the sriracha with their tangerine marmalade. It’s gluten free and all natural, and pleasantly surprising in flavor depth and it’s versatility.

I’ve used this tangerine sriracha as a wing sauce, as a BBQ sauce with chipotle and garlic rubbed apple smoked pork loin, and as burger sauce. I’ve added it to freezer isle Chinese inspired frozen dinners. And among other uses, I’ve tried it in beans and rice, and as a condiment for smoked pork and black bean nachos.

This sauce is a shapeshifter when paired with other foods. Sometimes you notice the sweet tanginess of tangerine. Other foods highlight the garlicky notes of the sriracha. At times the mellow slightly citrusy sweetness of coriander teases the palette.

The heat may be a bit much for some people. This heat profile gets my attention, but not so much as to make me sweat. I would call it a medium heat, but my experience says that it probably rates hot to extra hot for many people.

A Heathen Planet Favorite

The bottom line is that no one flavor overpowers the others. They all work well together while elevating one or more depending on the food pairing. This sauce is now a favorite in my pantry. In fact I’m purchasing another bottle soon. Number 2 is half empty. I’m sure I will find many more uses for this this exceptional sauce. It gets the title of Heathen Planet Favorite.

If you would like to purchase this sauce for your pantry, message Micah @ Six-M Concrete and Metal Art. (Not a paid link)

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