Is it Radical to Think…?

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As you may have guessed, I’m a “radical” leftist. Radical is a label applied by the power structure of the status quo. I don’t think however that I’m all that revolutionary or that these ideas are far reaching. So I ask is it radical to think?

Is it fanatical to think that with all of the new renewable energy tech, and sustainability research, that we should start an energy revolution to make us carbon neutral by 2035? Is it radical to think that we should stop destroying the ecosystems that are our only home in the universe? Is it extremist to say stop destroying the planet for our sons, daughters, and grand kids generations?

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Am I a zealot to think that with all of the technology, scientific research, and resources we have available to us, that we can provide quality health care for every single person? Is it sweeping to think that people shouldn’t have to choose between food, rent and medications? Is it to progressive to think that people should not be subject to crushing bureaucracy, that seeks to minimize patient care (costs) in order to maximize coporate profit?

Is it radical to believe in social and economic justice for everybody? Is it radical to say that until black lives, indigenous lives, people of color lives, LGBTQ lives, worker lives, matter that no lives matter?

Is it subversive to demand that police must stop extrajudicial killings? Is it radical to say fund mental health? Is it radical to say we must invest in community programs which lift people out of poverty and provide opportunities? Is it radical to think we can reduce police budgets and responsibilities by funding these community programs?

Is it radical to think?
It isn’t radical to think we should prioritize people over profits.

Is it radical to think that employers have to pay a sustainable living wage to its workers, instead of hoarding wealth in the offshore bank accounts of executives. Am I uncompromising to think a soon to be trillionaire who doesn’t pay taxes and exploits workers, should contribute to the public good and welfare? Is it radical to think wage slavery is a crime against humanity?

The answer is, none of these thoughts and beliefs are extreme. Going forward, I will write more in depth about the questions asked in this post.

If you read this post and think to yourself that any of these questions and ideas unrealistic or subversive, I ask you to examine why and where that belief comes from. Does it honor truth and fairness? Does it lead to compassionate, empathetic, support of our fellow beings?

Comment with your thoughts below. Do you think any of these questions and ideas I raise are radical? If so, why?

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