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heath·en/ˈhēT͟Hən/ plan·et/ˈplanət/

Welcome to Heathen Planet I’m a writer, content creator, recent descendant of homesteaders, pagan, and wisdom seeker who lives in the middle of nowhere. This is my blog.

“There is an old saying: “No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher.”

Florence Scovel

Latest Posts

  • Ancestry Stories: 1685 The Founding of Danbury, CT and The Monmouth Rebellion
    We’ve had a few rain days recently that kept me inside, a perfect opportunity to work on my ancestry research. Many cultures celebrate or honor their ancestors. Oftentimes our predecessors are honored for the glory of their individual deeds. While I understand this, I’ve come to the point that I honor my ancestors solely for … Read more
  • Anglo Saxon Political Traditions: They Lost Too!!!
    A hardliner conservative faction in the US House of Representatives, last week touted the formation of the America First Caucus whose positions include defense of America as a nation “strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions.” This is racist dog whistle white supremacist garbage. Let’s talk about those Anglo Saxon political traditions … Read more
  • Food Magick: Cabbage Fermentation
    It’s cabbage fermentation time. Every spring around the time of Saint Patrick’s day, I start looking for deals on cabbage at my local grocer. This year I had a plan to buy just a few heads of cabbage and ferment a small half gallon batch of sauerkraut. Apparently however, the cabbage crop was abundant this … Read more
  • Stop The Hate
    Insurrection in the Temple of Democracy On January 6th 2021, a delusional hate mob invaded the Capitol of the United States. This mob detached from reality, wearing their Auschwitz shirts, carrying confederate flags, worshiping and obeying their hate slinging master Trump, defiled our temple of democracy. It’s time to stop the hate. Our democratic republic … Read more

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